Instructions for Oral Presenters

All the following instructions are very important. Presenters must read it carefully and follow properly. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Speaker’s Ready Room: Room 202
  • Speakers and oral presenters should come to the Speaker's Ready Room to confirm or upload revised PowerPoint Slide at least 3 hours before the session.

    Open Hours of Speaker’s Ready Room:

    Thursday 12 April 13:30-17:30
    Friday 13 April 07:30-17:30
    Saturday 14 April 07:30-17:30
    Sunday 15 April 07:30-12:30

  • PowerPoint Submission Link:
  • (Please login in with your original account and password, no need to create a new one)

    Kindly note that the submission deadline is 23 March.

  • Presentation Language: English

  • Length of Presentation: Total 12 minutes for each presenter.
    As an Oral Presenter, you will be allocated 8 minutes for your presentation and 4 minutes for questions and answers.

  • File Format:
    1. Slide Size: 4x3 Microsoft Office PowerPoint format.
    2. Font Type: Please use Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana.
    3. Font Size: No smaller than 24.
    4. Video Type: AVI, MPG and WMV.
    5. Page Orientation: Landscape format.

  • Provided by Congress: File Size: limited to 20 MB

  • Label File Name:
  • Please label your file as follows and do not include symbols such as ( ) , / ~ ’ in your file name because this will cause your file improperly stored in Session Room computers:

    1. Abbreviation of Session Name and Order (FC01, FC02, FC03…FC20).
    2. PPresentation Order (As noted in the Oral Presentation Submission Reminder).
    3. Your First and Last Name.
    4. Your Abstract Title.

Example: FC1_1_John Smith_ Abstract Title


  • Back-up File Preparation:
    1. USB drives
    2. FA Hard copy of you presentation

  • Using On-site Computer:
  • To avoid technical difficulties/malfunctions, all presenters must use the presentation computers provided on-site.

  • At the Meeting Hall
    1. Arrive the meeting room at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the session.
    2. Please check the final program to confirm the date, time, room and order of your presentation. If there is any problem, please contact the on-site staffs.
    3. Reserved seats will be at the front of the meeting room. Please ensure that you sit at the reserved seats with easy access to the stage.
    4. Ensure that you keep to the time allocated to you, as it will cause disruption to sessions if you run over the time.
    5. Please make sure you submit the final version of your presentation before entering the meeting room. No changes will be eligible in the meeting room.